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Sermons from Acts

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November 17, 2019


Pastor: Carel Geleynse Topic: Missions Passage: Acts 1:1–1:11

June 2, 2019


Pastor: Carel Geleynse Topic: Pentecost, Ascension Passage: Acts 1:1–1:14

June 2, 2019

Looking into the Sky

Pastor: John Medendorp Series: Eastertide 2019 Topic: Ascension Passage: Acts 1:1–1:11

May 26, 2019

It’s None of Your Business

Pastor: Carel Geleynse Series: Eastertide 2019 Passage: John 21:15–21:23, Acts 1:6–1:8

May 19, 2019

Getting Out of the Way

Pastor: John Medendorp Series: Eastertide 2019 Topic: Holy Spirit Passage: Acts 11:1–11:18

November 11, 2018

Genuine Hypocrisy

Series: Surprised by Scripture Passage: Acts 4:32–5:11

September 23, 2018

Born Again Christians

Pastor: John Medendorp Series: Covenant Signs Topic: Holy Spirit Passage: Acts 2:14–2:27

June 24, 2018

Church Shopping: Who Do You See?

Pastor: John Medendorp Series: The Belgic Confession Topic: Creeds and Confessions Passage: Acts 14:21–14:30

May 20, 2018

The Generous Spirit

Pastor: Guest Topic: Pentecost Passage: Acts 2:1–2:21

April 2, 2017

The Gift of Baptism

Pastor: Series: Living Our Baptism Topic: Baptism Passage: Acts 2:14–:41

August 14, 2016

What Earthly Good is the Ascension?

Pastor: Series: What We Believe: The Apostles' Creed Topic: Ascension Passage: Acts 1:1–:11, Colossians 3:1–:4

June 19, 2016

Salvation Is Only in Jesus

Pastor: Series: What We Believe: The Apostles' Creed Topic: Salvation Passage: Matthew 1:18–:25, Acts 4:1–:12

June 12, 2016

Mao Zedong - God's Instrument?

Pastor: Series: Evening Service - Summer 2016 Topic: Providence Passage: Acts 17:23–:34

May 15, 2016

Pentecost: The Un-Babel

Pastor: Series: Psalms of Praise Topic: Pentecost Passage: Acts 2:1–:13

May 8, 2016

Are We There Yet?

Pastor: Series: Evening Services - Winter/Spring 2016 Topic: Waiting Passage: Acts 1:1–:14

May 8, 2016

Up, Up and Away!

Pastor: Series: Psalms of Praise Topic: Evangelism Passage: Acts 1:1–:11

January 24, 2016


Pastor: Topic: Elder Passage: Acts 6:1–:4, Acts 20:13–:36

January 10, 2016

Table Waiters

Pastor: Topic: Service Passage: Acts 6:1–:7

May 24, 2015

Unity Through the Spirit

Pastor: Series: Resurrection & Aftermath Topic: Pentecost Passage: Acts 2:1–:11

September 28, 2014

4. Circles Are Better Than Rows

Pastor: Series: Characteristics of the Church Topic: Sharing Passage: Acts 2:42–2:47