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In obedience to Christ's command to make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:18-20), Community supports the following missionaries:


2018-03 Galya  Gary

Our missionaries Gary and Galina Timmerman (Resonate Global Mission) manage church-based partnerships both in Russia and in Estonia. Since May 2021, they have made their base in Canada, allowing Gary to take on the additional strategic focus to work at nurturing more ethnic ministries around the CRC. With their long experience in serving among Russian-speakers, Gary and Galina are exploring ways for CRC churches to collaborate with immigrant communities in ways that welcome and embrace them, helping their faith communities to bring Christ's love and peace to Canada's newcomers.

Oct 2023 Newsletter



 Anthony and Barbara Pennings are Resonate partners with Daystar Native Outreach serving in M'Chigeeng First Nation. Their ministry's calling focuses on serving the Anishinaabe people on Manitoulin Island through various outreach activities on daily, weekly or monthly basis. Some of these activities include Sunday Services, Bible Studies, Sports outreach opportunities, serving in the local elementary school and especially working one on one in mentoring and discipleship.

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After spending almost a year in 2015 in Guatemala, we felt a strong desire to return to Guatemala to serve as voluntaries with Resonate Global Mission’s partner -  Center for Missional Transformation Guatemala.  Working with several organizations, helping youth to discover God’s intense love for them and walking alongside and listening to those that have so little has been a humbling experience. 

With much support from friends we have also been able to bless many communities and families With Ontario’s Gleaner food and other items that people have donated. In recent years (Covid years) something we would never have predicted is that I would be involved in education however now spending much time with a small Christian English Academy.

 Hank & Rosario Stronks