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Born Again Christians

September 23, 2018 Pastor: John Medendorp Series: Covenant Signs

Topic: Holy Spirit Passage: Acts 2:14–2:27

Pentecost took place during the Jewish festival of Shavuot, also known as the Feast of Weeks.  Shavuot originated as a harvest festival, similar to Thanksgiving Day; in later days, it also became a commemoration of the day when God gave the Law to Moses, and a memorial of the death of King David (the greatest king of ancient Israel). 

Peter's sermon to the crowd after the outpouring of the Holy Spirit tied into this memorial celebration of King David.  He spoke about God's covenant with David, and about David's prophecy about the Messiah.  He pointed out that God's covenant and David's prophecy have their fufillment in Jesus Christ.  But Peter went one step further--he called the people to believe in Jesus and be baptized, so that they too can recieve the covenant blessings that God promised to David.  This promise was for them and their children, and for all who were far off; this promise is also for us.

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