Service Times: Sundays at 10 AM and 6 PM

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Who We Are



We are a diverse family of almost 900 baptised and confessing members who come together to worship our Lord each week. Our goal is to grow in relationship with God, each other and our neighbours in the Kitchener-Waterloo area.

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We are followers of Jesus Christ. He is our Lord and Saviour. We believe He calls us to follow Him in the same path He walked over 2,000 years ago: the way of love for God and love for neighbour, lived out in service, sacrifice, and humility. We do so by learning and obeying His word, the Bible.



In practice, we are a group that believes that every square inch of our world belongs to God and matters to Him. Our jobs, our families, our hobbies and our neighbourhoods; the entire earth! The Reformed tradition is an “all-encompassing” tradition that applies its faith to every facet of life.

Historically, we are part of the Christian Reformed Church in North America, a denomination that has its roots in the 16th century Protestant Reformation. For our denomination’s homepage, please visit:



The word “church” means a lot of things today, but if you go back to the original Greek word ekklesia, you’ll find its meaning is really very simple: a gathering, an assembly, a community. The church, centered on Jesus Christ is Christ’s living, breathing, moving body here on earth.