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The Song of Mary

December 22, 2019 Series: Lightbearers: the foremothers of Christ (Advent 2019)

Topic: Salvation Scripture: Luke 1:26–55

In a sense, the song of Mary in this passage is remarkably down to earth.  It tells us that God's forgiveness is not something for the sweet hereafter, pie in the sky by and by; instead, it is relevant here and now.  God's salvation stands in stark contrast to the powers of this world, which try to sell us a series of lies about how we can save ourselves by doing more things, earning more money, grabbing more power, installing more apps on our smartphones, or whatever else.  Mary's song calls us to tear down the idols of this world and put our trust in the true God; it also reminds us that God takes us, broken as we are, and knits us together into his Kingdom.

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