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God’s Home

June 16, 2019 Preacher: Amanda Bakale Series: Eastertide 2019

Topic: Trinity Scripture: John 14:15–14:27

The doctrine of the Trinity is difficult to understand, even for theologians, but it is a vital part of our faith.  In this passage, Jesus taught his disciples about what God was like, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  He finished the lesson with a promise--he and his Father will come to those who love him, and they will make their home with them.  

Note the word "home".  We may eat, sleep, spend our leisure time, and keep our possessions in houses or apartments, but we live in homes.  Homes are where we are in relationship with the peoople we love and who love us.  God's home is not some mighty palace in the clouds, but it is with us, the people he loves and who love him.  God calls us into relationship with him, because relationship is part of God's nature--in fact, it is the essence of God, the Three in One.

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