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Sacramental Identity

September 8, 2019

Topic: Providence, Baptism, Lord's Supper Scripture: 1 Corinthians 10:1–7

The world is often obsessed with doing things, with accomplishing things. Even in our faith life, we tend to focus on doing things. But, as Paul reminded the Corinthians in this passage, who we are is more important that what we do.

At first glance, Paul's comments about the Exodus seem to be irrelevant to the Corinthians; he was writing about people and events from thousands of years earlier, and he was writing about Jewish history to people who were predominately non-Jewish.  However, the Christians in Corinth had one very important thing in common with the ancient Israelites--they were childern of God.  

The crossing of the Red Sea was a pivotal moment in the history of the Israelites; it shaped and defined them, and by extension it shapes and defines all those who are children of God.  That moment teaches us that God saves us and provides for us, when we are unable to save ourselves or provide for ourselves.  The sacrements help us to remember this lesson.

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