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Vine Living

August 11, 2019 Preacher: Amanda Bakale

Topic: Love Scripture: John 15:1–15:17

Most people today are not very familiar with grape vines and vinyards, unless they own or work in a vinyard themselves.  However, vines were familiar to people in ancient Israel, and the Old Testament prophets used vine and vinyard imagery extensively in their writings.  In this passage, Jesus used a vine metaphor to describe the relationship between him and his followers.

As an extension of this metaphor, Jesus gave a command to his disciples, and to us.  We are not just to love him, but we are also to love one another as he loves us.  This is a very difficult command to us to follow; all of us know fellow believers who we find easier to dislike, or even to despise, than to love.  However, we are all interconnected--we are all branches on the vine--and therefore we must love one another.

There are three things to take note of here:

  1. Loving others (as Jesus calls us to love them) and liking them are two different things.  
  2. Jesus referred to pruning in this passage; loving those we don't like is a large part of this pruning process.  
  3. While our ability to love others is finite and flawed, we are rooted in Jesus, the one whose love is infinite and perfect.

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