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Why Volunteers?

It's significant that the Bible speaks of the church as a "body" and not as a collection of individuals or even families, each doing their own thing. Rather, like a human body, our identity resides in how we are connected together for a common purpose. Specifically, just as a body needs different parts with different tasks to function together for the good of the body (e.g., the eyes see and the ears hear for the benefit of the whole body) so, too, does a healthy church need many people in many different roles working together.  There's no other way for us to become what God wants and needs Community to be. Here at Community that means that, in addition to staff, we rely heavily on volunteers. It's not only the pastors, elders and deacons who do the important stuff. If you're a long-term member of this body, this church, then you will have volunteered in many different ways at Community. If you're a new member then you'll come to know more about God, yourself and the people that are Community only by volunteering. Volunteering in this way is crucial to being a Christ-follower, to being a Christian.

Current Volunteer Needs

One of the great things about volunteering at Community is that you're never doing it on your own. Other parts of the body, other members of the church, have done what you're volunteering to do. They are more than willing to help you and to teach you what needs to be done. Inexperience, in other words, is not an excuse for avoiding to volunteer. (Beyond this way of overcoming inexperience, all volunteers undergo mandatory training in disability awareness, safe church policy, abuse prevention practices and emergency/fire safety; see Mandatory Volunteer Training below.) Since volunteering is putting into practice what God calls you to do it'll mean that a lack of time is rarely an excuse as well (e.g., volunteering helps you to sort out what should be your priorities). Overcoming inexperience and a lack of time are challenges which other volunteers have met and learning how you can as well is another great benefit that you receive when volunteering.

Please keep these things in mind when considering the following volunteer opportunities. Each position below is linked to more information about that position. If you would like to apply for any of these positions please email the church office at

Mandatory Volunteer Training

Volunteer Training usually takes place at Community during the month of September, before the ministries begin their year.  The training covers the areas mentioned in the section above.  If you are new to volunteering and were not able to attend any of the September training sessions please contact Pastor Carel at

A significant document, referred to during your volunteer training and with which you must be familiar, is Community's Abuse Prevention Policy.  The Occurrence/Incident Report can be found here.