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The Wages of Righteousness

February 2, 2020 Series: Living the Kingdom Life: The Sermon on the Mount (Epiphany 2020)

Passage: Matthew 6:1–6:24

Jesus started the Sermon on the Mount by pronouncing a blessing on the poor, and in this passage, he called us to "store up treasures in heaven" rather than pursue earthly wealth, and he warned us against trying to serve both God and Money.  In this, the Sermon on the Mount echoes the rest of the Scriptures.  In both the Old and New Testaments, God commands us repeatedly to care for the poor, and pronounces judgement on those who mistreat and exploit the poor.

Jesus called us to three spiritual practices in this passage--generosity, prayer, and fasting.  These practices lead us into fellowship with the poor, and they teach us to trust in God rather than our wealth.  In short, these practices teach us to be poor, so that God can make us rich.

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