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Too Small a Thing

January 19, 2020

Scripture: Isaiah 49:1–

This passage is one of the many prophecies of Isaiah about Jesus Christ--these are referred to as the Suffering Servant songs (a reference to Isaiah 53).  These prophecies reveal how God, though his Suffering Servant, planned to extend his covenant beyond the Israelites, to the entire world.

Note that, as followers of Jesus, we too are suffering servants.  We suffer the effects of sin and death in our own lives, and we are called to bear witness to God's justice and peace in a world filled with injustice and violence.  Just as it was too small a thing for God to limit his salvation to the Israelites, it is too small a thing for us to focus on our personal relationship with Jesus.  God is working to bring all the world into his kingdom, and he is working through his people.

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