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Your Kingdom Come

October 13, 2019 Series: Lord, Teach Us To Pray: A Series on the Lord's Prayer (Ordinary Time / Fall 2019)

Scripture: Daniel 2:31–45, Luke 7:18–23

In the second petition of the Lord's Prayer, Jesus taught us to pray for God's kingdom to come.  The idea of a kingdom is rather unfamiliar to us in this day and age.  Some of us might think of kingdoms as they are protrayed in fairy tales or fantasy novels; others might think of current real-world monarchies, where (with very few exceptions) the kings or queens are just figureheads, with no real power.  This can hinder our ability to understand what the kingdom of God is, or how it is relevant to us.

The kingdom of God is not some abstract, theological concept--it is something very real.  God's kingdom is all-important and all-encompassing, and all aspects of life and of creation are part of it.  This kingdom was revealed in Jesus, in his life, death, and resurrection; it has been growing and spreading ever since, and shall one day come to completion when Jesus Christ returns in power.

As followers of Jesus, our first priority should be God's kingdom, not our own needs and wants.  Like the first petition of the Lord's Prayer, the second petition reminds us of this.

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