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Practice Hospitality

September 15, 2019

Topic: Hospitality Scripture: Romans 12:1–2, Romans 12:9–12

In this passage, Paul called on the Romans to be "living sacrifices" to the Lord, to devote their lives to serving the Lord.  Among other things, he called them to "practice hospitality" (the original Greek can be translated as "pursue hospitality" or "give yourselves to hospitality").  They were to seek out opportunities to show hospitality to others--not just to family and friends, but to strangers, to the poor and outcast, those most in need.  The practice of hospitality is a vital part of our faith.

This service was a dedication service for a newly renovated and expanded church building.  The building is quite an accomplishment, something worth celebrating.  However, if it is not put to use as part of our calling to show hospitality to others, then it is little more than a clubhouse--a building devoid of any real purpose.

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