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Walking in Love

May 5, 2019 Series: Eastertide 2019

Topic: Love Scripture: 2 John :1–:6

Sometimes, we think that God's commandments are harsh and difficult.  However, we should remember that life is harsh and difficult.  God's law is a guide to help us through life; just as hikers on a treacherous mountain trail need to follow certain guidelines to walk that trail safely, we need to follow God's laws to get through life.

As John wrote in his letter, God's command is that we walk in love.  John also pointed out that this is not a new command; indeed, it is the summary of the Law of Moses.  Jesus showed us how to love God and love the people around us the way God wants us to, but he did (and still does) much more than that.  By his death and resurrection, Jesus defeated the powers of sin and hatred in the world, and he sends the Holy Spirit to us to give us the power to walk in love.

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