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Our World Belongs to God

May 5, 2019 Pastor: Carel Geleynse

Topic: Creeds and Confessions Passage: Psalm 24:1–24:10

NOTE: Due to technical difficulties, the sound level of the recording is very low.

"Our world belongs to God."  It is a short confession--five little words--but it has huge implications for us: 

  1. Since our world belongs to God, we are the stewards and trustees of the world; we are to act as stewards and trustees of the world.  We have to care for this world and the people in it, instead of abusing and exploiting them for our selfish benefit.  (This has extra implications for people in positions of power, too many of whom act as if the world belongs to them.)
  2. Since our world belongs to God, God will not abandon this world to ruin and destruction; instead, he is always working to sustain it and us.  And one day, Jesus Christ will return in power, and he will make all things new.

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