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A Living Sacrifice

February 10, 2019 Pastor: Amanda Bakale Series: God's Love, Our Love (Epiphany)

Topic: Sacrifice Passage: Romans 12:1–12:21

At first glance, this passage seems like a laundry list of "churchy to-do items".  However, if we get the idea that being a disciple of Jesus Christ involves carrying out a never-ending list of tasks, we would quickly burn ourselves out.  We would also be missing the point of this passage. 

Take a closer look at what Paul wrote in verse 1: "offer your bodies as a living sacrifice".  "Bodies" is plural, but "a living sacrifice" is singular.  The point of this passage is not that we should be acting as individuals, working on our to-do lists until we burn out.  Instead, we should live as one body, made up of many parts, all working together in a way pleasing to God.

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