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Stewards of God’s Gifts

January 27, 2019 Pastor: Carel Geleynse Series: God's Love, Our Love (Epiphany)

Topic: Stewardship Passage: Matthew 25:14–25:30

Some topics are difficult to discuss; money is one of those topics.  How people spend their money is often considered a personal matter, and not open to discussion, at least in casual company.  People can become annoyed if you question them about they spend their money, and they'll likely respond to such questions with "it's my money, I worked hard to earn it, and I'll spend it how I want to spend it", or words to that effect.

Jesus didn't shy away from the topic of money, though.  For example, of the 38 parables of Jesus that are recorded in the gospels, 16 deal with money and possessions.  Money and possessions--the things of this earth--can so easily distract us from our walk with God; how we use our money and possessions is a clear indication of how well understand that all good things are a gift from God.  Jesus sought to remind us about that.

In this passage, Jesus told a parable about three servants who were entrusted by their master with sums of money.  Two of the servants knew how their master wanted them to use that money, and they invested it wisely, in accordance with his will; when the master returned, he rewarded them richly for their good work.  The third servant, on the other hand, had no idea what the master's will was, and he did nothing with the wealth that had been entrusted to him; the master condemned him and drove him away.

The Lord is our Master, and he has entrusted us with many good things.  Let us not squander these things, but rather let us invest them wisely, to build God's kingdom.

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