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From Generation to Generation

January 6, 2019 Pastor: Amanda Bakale Series: Judges

Topic: Generations Passage: Judges 2:6–2:23

In this sermon series, we will be studying the book of Judges.  This book can be a surprising and disturbing part of Scripture.  We all remember Sunday school stories about Gideon, Sampson, and other heroes of the faith; however, these "kid-friendly" elements are often overshadowed by the grim, brutal realities of Israel's sinfulness and God's wrath in response to that sinfulness.

This passage is a depressing summary of the history of ancient Israel.  Once Joshua's generation--the people who had witnessed the mighty acts of God first-hand when he delivered them from Egypt--had passed away, the people walked away from the Lord and began worshipping the gods of the nations surrounding them.  They broke covenant with God, and this provoked God to anger.  He used the nations surrounding Israel to punish the Israelites, just as he had warned them when he made covenant with them.  However, God (who does not always keep his anger forever) took compassion on the Israelites as they suffered, and he raised up judges to save Israel from the hands of their oppressors. Then the Israelites continued in their covenant-breaking, and they provoked God to anger again...lather, rinse, repeat.

Why are we studying such a depressing book? Frankly, because we are much like the ancient Israelites--we break covenant with the Lord again and again, just like they did.  However many times we turn our backs on God, though, he does not turn his back on us; instead, he has compassion on us, and seeks to save us from ourselves.

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