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Under the Broom Tree

August 26, 2018 Series: Trees

Topic: Providence Scripture: 1 Kings 19:1–9

Some Christians, when speaking about their faith, talk about "mountaintop moments"--times in their lives when they felt the presence and power of God in spectacular and awe-inspiring ways.  The term "moutaintop moment" refers to pivotal events in the Bible where the Lord's might and majesty were revealed; such events often took place on mountaintops.  (God giving the Ten Commandments to Moses and the transfiguration of Jesus are just two examples.)

The prophet Elijah experienced a mountaintop moment shortly before the events in this passage (see 1 Kings 18:16-45), but he then came crashing down into a deep, dark valley.  He had to flee for his life into the wilderness, and he fell into despair; taking shelter under a broom tree, he begged the Lord to take his life.  God did not grant Elijah's suicidal request.  Instead, he gave Elijah bread and water--a simple meal, but enough to restore his strength and help him go on to Mount Horeb.

Mountaintop moments in our lives of faith don't always come as often as we'd like them to, and the circumstances of life can sometimes send us crashing down into deep, dark valleys.  But even if we fall into despair, as Elijah did, God's grace will still provide for us--maybe not in spectacular or awe-inspiring ways, but always enough to restore our strength and help us go on.

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