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Spiritual Bread for Spiritual Life

August 19, 2018 Series: The Belgic Confession

Topic: Lord's Supper, Creeds and Confessions Scripture: John 6:25–40, John 6:53–59

Food can do more than just nourish our bodies, or even please our taste buds.  The taste or smell of food can stir up powerful memories of get-togethers with family and friends--think of your mom's apple pie, or roast turkey at Thanksgiving dinner.

So it is with the Lord's Supper.  The bread and wine nourishes our faith in a mysterious way; by the power of the Holy Spirit, our souls are sustained by the body and blood of Jesus Christ.  At the same time, we remember Christ's sacrifice on the cross--not just an intellectual remembering, but the same sort of powerful remembering we experience when we taste mom's apple pie, or smell roast turkey on Thanksgiving Day.

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