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The Fount of Blood and Water

July 22, 2018 Series: The Belgic Confession

Topic: Creeds and Confessions Scripture: John 19:28–37

Article 33 of the Belgic Confession deals with the nature of the sacrements.

Unlike what many people though at the time the Belgic Confession was written, the Reformers did not believe that the elements of the sacrements (the water of baptism, the bread and wine of the Lord's Supper) actually contain God's grace, the way a tablet contains medicine. On the other hand, they did not believe that the sacrements are merely rituals that we do because Jesus told us to do them.  Instead, they saw the sacrements as visible signs of God's grace, which nourish and strengthen our faith through the power of the Holy Spirit.  The sacrements transform the way we see the world; water, bread, and wine--the humdrum, ordinary things of this life--remind us of God's grace to us.

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