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Church Shopping? What do you See?

June 17, 2018 Series: The Belgic Confession

Topic: Creeds and Confessions Scripture: Amos 5:21–24, Galatians 5:16– 6:5, Matthew 28:16–20

In the previous sermon in this series, we learned that what is preached from a church's pulpit is more important than the talent of the praise groups or the quality of the coffee in the fellowship hall. In a true church, you will hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

However, what you hear is not everything you should think about when deciding which church to attend; what you see should also be considered. When you look at a particular church, do you see that church practicing the sacraments the way Jesus instructed his followers to practice them? Do you see the members of that church living out their faith, as opposed to going through the motions for an hour or so every Sunday and doing whatever they want the rest of the week? Do you see the members of that church leading, teaching, correcting and discipling each other in the way of the Lord? Do you see that church proclaiming the Gospel to the wider world? If not, you should think twice before joining that particular church.

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