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CCRC go! New Build and Renovations

New church builds and renovations, though exciting, should never be mistaken for the church growth that counts. In North America we've been taught to believe that bigger and newer signify health and success. But it's not that simple.  Appearances can be deceiving. We've all known organizations that though appearing to be healthy and successful have, in fact, used new things to mask trouble and decline.

No, the church growth that counts in God's eyes is that which encourages the formation of a faith that is mature and resilient, that is fruitful and flourishing. The Christian home and the Christian school should be places marked by that kind of faith. So, too, the church.

It's been obvious for a number of years, now, that Community's programs needed more space. New facilities are only as good as the purposes that they serve and it's hoped that these new classrooms, meeting spaces, staff offices, nursery rooms and storage areas will assist in the faithful obedience for which every church aims. Who knows, these rooms might even offer up new, unforeseen opportunities in furthering our praise and prayer, living and learning, outreach and embracing!

In celebrating this kind of growth we wanted to share images of the new buildings and renovations that will encourage and enable it. (New images will be added so be sure to check in again.) Craftsmanship should be admired but, in the gallery below, try to see beyond the brick and the mortar, the footings and the foundations, the structural steel and the wood framing. 

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