Ouch. Did you feel that on Sunday? I don't study God's word enough? Could Pastor Carel just be talking about someone else? That sermon must've been meant for some other member. Surely not me. No, definitely not me.

And then Monday morning came. 

There's an unsolicited knock at the door. I wonder who it could be? (I'm sure you all know where I'm heading with this.) A friendly pair of older gentleman are at the door with a pamphlet talking about what seems to be Christian organization. They quoted a verse from the Psalms, even though I told them I am a Christian, they persisted. And after a couple minutes of "no I don't need the pamphlet" and "I have a church family I belong to," the polite goodbyes finally came and I could close the door and go back to playing legos. 

But. But.

But I don't remember the verse exactly that they showed me. And even if I did, I don't know what that verse says without looking it up in my Bible. If it weren't for Pastor Carel on Sunday I wouldn't know about an inaccurate translation of John 1:1; it only takes 1 letter to change the entire meaning of a sentence. So now I am thinking about all the verses that I've heard spoken that weren't from a trusted source. How many of them were quoting the Bible accurately? I guess I'll never know.

But I can know the future ones. And I'm the only one in control of me. And I'm responsible for a 3 year old who needs to know how to read his Bible on his own. And I have to share my faith and what it's based upon. And there's really only one way to grow my faith and knowledge, and it's always to open the word of God. 

A little reminder from Belgic Confession Article 2:

Second, God makes himself known to us more clearly
by his holy and divine Word,
as much as we need in this life,
for God’s glory
and for our salvation.