Pastor Amanda's letter of gratitude.

November 23, 2015 | by: Renette de Beer | 0 comments

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Dear friends,

I sit here in my office looking around at my books and my many meeting notes, at a small pile of my sermons here at CCRC and at a much larger pile of post-it notes full of ideas and ministry possibilities, and I find myself reflecting on my first few months here at Community CRC.

Already there are so many memories. So many good stories. So many good people.

And I am thankful.

Thankful for the way you have welcomed me into your church community and into your homes.

Thankful for the privilege to serve alongside you as your pastor and sister and friend.

Thankful for the ministries and the ministry leaders of this congregation who work so faithfully in so many areas – with our little ones, with our older ones, and all those in between.

Thankful for the gift of such incredible pastoral colleagues like Pastor John and Pastor Carel.

Thankful for the invitation and calling to dream and pray and work toward a robust vision of how we here at CCRC live out our baptismal calling to follow Jesus from our first breath to our last.

I am thankful. It’s as simple as that.

So, thank you. Each one of you. For making my first few months here such a blessing.

As I step aside for the next 15 weeks to focus on being a new mother to a little girl who will be making her appearance any day now, I am more than a little torn. I will miss being your pastor during those weeks. But I am excited to meet my daughter and devote these early weeks to learning alongside Brian what it means to be a parent to this little one.

You will still see me around. Just not up front or in an evening meeting. I’ll be that new young mom in the pew next to you – looking a little frazzled and more than a little tired, but grateful still to be in such a good community worshipping with her brothers and sisters in Christ.

Since I will not be blessing you all at the end of a service for a while, let me do so now:

May the Lord go before you to guide you,

Beneath you to support you,

Behind you to protect you,

And beside you to befriend you.

May the blessing of God almighty –

Father, Son, and Holy Spirit –

Be with each one of you.

Do not be afraid.

Go in his peace.


Pastor Amanda