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Some of you may know, but we just got possession of our house this past Thursday. It's an older, beautiful house with stained glass and old trim and two staircases! I love the whole thing. But that isn't stopping us from removing the old things that don't work well anymore. Things like old plumbing, outdated kitchen fixtures and cupboards - even sanding the old floors and restaining them will all be in a day (or days) work. And it's not like we couldn't live with the old kitchen cupboards or beat up floors, but we know our house could be better. I can see in my minds eye (and on our computer thanks to a handy husband) how all the new changes will compliment and showcase the existing cool and quirky items in our house. The old floors will shine again, the dark trim will pop upagainst a wall with fresh paint, the new kitchen layout will let all the quirky entrances remain and still let me cook delicious meals...

And all this planning we've done prior to getting possession of our home, and now in the execution stage of our plans, made me wonder. Does God see me as a beautiful old house with beat up trim, cracks in the walls, poor insulation in the attic, crooked floors? Is God just like me, and can't wait to rip out the old and replace with the new? To sand down the hard edges?? To make a more devout disciple?

To take the analogy a step further, is there a part of me that could be more forgiving and less defensive? Are there people in my life that cause me to stumble and should therefore lose? Are there hobbies that distract me from my family and my Lord? Matthew 8:8 says "If your hand or your foot causes you to stumble, cut it off and throw it away. It is better for you to enter life maimed or crippled than to have two hands or two feet and be thrown into eternal fire." Yikes. Do I need to chop off a hand? Maybe I just need to remember to raise them up more in worship or to use them more for building people up in stead of tearing people down. Maybe, just maybe, I should let the best carpenter I know (that's Jesus everyone), do a little work and let Him make me into the best version of me.

Who knows? Maybe I can do more for God's kingdom with only one hand.